CSUMB’s Information Technology has the ability to create custom interface/queries to extract student data from CMS and push this data to another system or software program used by CSUMB.  Currently, departments use a combination of programs that include those developed by IT or outsourced/purchased solutions. 

Developing a data interface requires the efforts of multiple parties:

System or Software Program’s Department Owner

Once a determination has been made that student data is required for a system/software program used by CSUMB, the owner of the system submits a request for approval to the data owner or custodian of the data required. The owner must specify the data required (ie Student Name or ID).

To help facilitate this process, SIS has developed a process:

1)      Please fill out a Report Request Form to specify the data being requested and the business justification or purpose. Although a Data/Interface is not to be used as an operational report, the development follows similar logic to a report. Specify the report type of Data/Interface on the Report Request Form.

2)      Submit the request through the WebHelp Ticket System.  Set your Request Type to "CMS SA Project" and "Request a New/Modified Report."  Your requests will be forwarded to the corresponding data owners (Admissions, Student Records, etc) for review.

Note:  Specific data elements such as SSN and Date of Birth are considered highly confidential.  Please ensure that you abide by all campus and FERPA confidentiality standards.  The use of these particular data elements must be justified. 

Also, it is typical for several questions to follow each request to clarify the request and/or business justification.

Technical Staff

Technical Staff should route system/software owners to the request process stated above.  If technical staff is engaged in the project, it may be helpful to assist the system/program owner with identifying the data elements required.  If approved and depending on the complexity, you would work with SIS or the Data Owner’s Analyst to validate the query logic and result sets required for the data interface.

SIS and Data Owner

SIS will field the request, make a first attempt at clarifying the request is required, engage IT if necessary, and route the request to the appropriate department(s) for review and approval.

Example:  The Library department has requested a Web API interface that retrieves a list of all active students.  This data belong to the Office of the Registrar.  As a result, the functional analyst for this department would be responsible reviewing the request with the Registrar for approval and advise IT on the logic that is to be used to identify “all active students.” The data owner would proceed to work with IT on the development of the data/extract and import of data into the new system.